Saturday, March 20, 2010

Do you guys ever go to B&N and grab a stack of books and read them? This has been a favorite past time of me and my husband for years. The only thing I hate is that now they're kicking you out of the children's area. I mean I completely understand that the table is for kids and their parents, but I mean... B&N doesn't provide enough places/tables to sit around the store. I personally prefer to hang out at Borders, but B&N is closer to my school and right next to my favorite store... Target! I'm usually at B&N at around 9PM, there aren't kids or parents at the store at that time, so should they really still kick us out of the area?

I have a habit of taking pictures of pretty much.... everything. So I took a picture of my most recent B&N reading pile! This is when I discovered Fairest of All. I already own The Last Song, I just need to find it lol. Fairest of All and Hex Hall are both on my wish list though =)!

What books do you usually grab when you hang out at B&N or Borders?


  1. :) I do the same thing when I visit B&N with my sister. The one where she lives doesn't have a lot of seating either. We usually go to the cafe area, buy drinks, and then sit and read. Then my sister (who usually can afford it) buys her books before we leave and I return my books to their proper shelves. If I see something I like, I get it from the library later.

    I usually grab books I am really interested in reading. Before Breaking Dawn was published I remember picking up a copy of Eclipse (the one with the excerpt from Breaking Dawn in the back) and sitting there smiling like a fool while I read it for free.

    I prefer Borders because they do have more seating. That is too bad that you can't sit in the children's area.

    Fairest of All looks really interesting. I love fairy tale retellings so I will have to check that one out.

  2. I just ordered The Last Song and Hex Hall yesterday. I hope you enjoy them and I am looking forward to your review :D

  3. i used to hang out at b&n too back in college but i stopped after i was told off for sitting on the carpet with my pile of books. i definitely prefer borders--they have better rewards card/email coupons than b&n and nicer employees.

  4. I loved The Last Song! I can't wait for the movie. I do the exact same thing haha. I usually grab quicker reads, or books next in a series that I'm dying to read. I lovelove Target too! :)

  5. Barnes and Noble can never have too many sitting areas! I have been wanting to read Fairest of All {big Snow White fan} so will be curious to see what you think.
    Thanks for visiting my blog during the hop, I'm following you now.